16 de ago de 2009

"Sempre existe no mundo uma pessoa que espera a outra, seja no meio do deserto, seja no meio das grandes cidades. E quando essas pessoas se cruzam, e seus olhos se encontram, todo o passado e todo o futuro perdem qualquer importância. E só existe aquele momento, e aquela certeza incrível que todas as coisas debaixo do sol foram escritas pela mesma mão. A mão que desperta o amor, e que fez um alma gêmea para cada pessoa que trabalha, descansa e busca tesouros debaixo do sol. Porque sem isso não haveria qualquer sentido para os sonhos humanos" - "O Alquimista"

"stupiding" ?

If you could be one of your tears, never thought that listening the silence could be so full of noise. Emptiness speaks for it self so clear is its voice, it drives me down to the memory lane where a thought is held tightly memory freezes those shadows again, tear them apart, i cant bear the pain; ain't no tough to do it for myself. You call me strong an irony itself ! There is a place where i hide 'n still these sounds cover me wide. Always knew where the shelter is burnt't myself now cryin on its ashes the sound tellin me its here to stay, wrong decision i have to pay...I stare into your eyes although you cant really see that the pain inside of your heart is also hurting me, you say that you are hopeless 'nd you will never live your dreams, you say theres no point in living if this is all it seems, your best friend always first, 'nd your dragged down the line, you smile and say your ok, but inside i see your not going to be fine ! Your dreams are thrown away, your life is losing meaning, all you have is your music, well atleast thats what your believing, but why dont you see that your not alone because i will be with you everystep that you have shown your smile gives me proof that you will make it far, your going to live your dreams, your going to become a star-I beleive in you, you are something truely special...Sometimes its hard to find out words that you have really been gone... Distance is the only thing that will keep us apart, you ll always be there in my heart.